Friday, July 3, 2009

Time Fly's

We have been super busy these past three weeks... Aiden is three weeks old today!! yay... we are enjoying him so very much, you forget how amazing it is to have a newborn in your home. Seamus and Jacob are very much in love with him. I was nervous that there would be some jealousy issues but everything just fell into place nicely. They absolutely love helping give Aiden a bath, they each have their own thing they do.. Seamus helps fill up the tub and Jacob helps with passing the face cloth and towel.

Seamus has passed grade one he will be off to second grade in the fall. We are very proud of him. It is a big accomplishment. We are fortunate to have our kids attend a small Rural School. The school is grade 1-9 and it is great that when you walk into the school the staff knows you and your child.. in a good way...not a bad been in the office everyday kind of way.... Seamus is looking forward to a busy Summer.

We are finally full swing into our adventure in cloth diapering and so far things are going great.. I need to add a few more pocket diapers to our stash. As of right now I am washing every evening and we have just enough diapers.. I would like to have the extras for just in cases!! you never know what is going to happen in a house full of boys.... we have come to expect the unexpected...

Canada Day was on July 1st and we had a great day.. and ended with a great fireworks display on the Charlottetown Waterfront.

That is our quick update....

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