Monday, August 10, 2009

We laughed so hard we cried

It all Started Thursday, My husband Scott and I were able to go to the AC/DC concert with a group of 13 of his top managers, we treated them to lunch, cocktails and then the AC/DC concert in the evening, the performance was great, I enjoy a few AC/DC songs, to be honest I am not a person who enjoys large crowds, and there was an extremely large crowd. We had a great time though, great weather, great music and a terrific group.

Friday Evening Scott and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home, My mom took the boys for a long weekend it was my first time away from the baby and I missed him.../. My heart was literally aching ..

Saturday Scott's baby brother got married to an amazing girl, They were so happy not only was he marrying a great girl he was marrying into a wonderful, warm, loving family, we are so happy for the young couple.. Congrats Chris and Jenny!!

There was one part of the ceremony that really stayed with me. the minister said.. there are three things you need to say to one another

1. Say I Love You.. do things to show you love the other person

2. Say I am Sorry. when you hurt the other person show remorse say your sorry

3. Say I Forgive you... It won't make you hurt any less but don't bring the incident up in another argument.

This wedding was the best wedding we ever attended Chris and Jen are surrounded by loving friends and family, they have a great group of people.

Sunday morning my mom drove the boys home and I felt complete again, man I missed them I am still today(Monday) trying to make up for lost time.. 4 days is a long time to go without hugs and kisses from your kiddos..

Sunday Afternoon we went to a family BBQ at my Mother in laws home.. A great time was had by all.

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