Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spreading the Word about Cloth

Cloth Diapering.....she doesn't know what she's getting into.... laughing.....I wonder how long that will will be a wast of $$... you won't stick to it.... What about the poop....(I'm pretty sure all babies poop not just the cloth diapered ones)Making the decision to cloth diaper was met will an abundance of negative comments. I was confident in my decision and am grate full to all the advice and support I found on websites and blogs about cloth diapering. When I have people ask me about cloth diapers and I will take out our diaper stash and show the different kinds of diapers we have, Pocket Diapers, Fitted, Prefolds, One Size, covers.... I will also take the time to show them how easy a diaper change is. People are truly amazed at the ease of using cloth. I have talked to mom of a 5 month old baby and she is considering using cloth, My Aunts, my mom, a few Friends, my sisters, and Somewhere along the line my younger brother who is 22 years old picked up a few conversations...

My brother and his GF were at our home on Saturday for dinner, when my brother started talking about a co-worker( my brother works in a welding shop) who's wife was expecting a baby. Brother proceeds to tell me about the conversation he and his co-worker had about the benefits of cloth diapering, and that he was telling him about our family cloth diapering . Brother wanted to know if I could tell him where to purchase cloth diapers, and if there was any advice he should give to co-worker.... These are rough and tough men in a dirty welding shop working with steel and they are talking about Cloth Diapering... I LOVE IT....

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