Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's in your Childs Lunch Bag?

Seamus is in grade two this year and I found it really difficult last year to stay out of a School Lunch Rut with him. One day he got off the bus and said Please don't ever pack me a ham&Cheese sandwich again....That was the second week into the school year. I had no choice but to change it up a bit. This year I want to get even more creative, and keep him interested in his lunch

Another aspect is that I want to make sure our lunch is litter-less.. Every little bit counts we use reusable containers, a reusable lunch bag, and I am in the process of trying to figure out these reusable snack and sandwich bags and wraps and would like to order a few of them.

If you have any creative lunch Ideas for kids leave a comment telling me what your fave lunch idea is ..

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