Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Just look at those big brown beautiful eyes!! Aiden is 3 months old and he is a charmer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool @ Home

On Monday I started a 26 week lesson plan for preschool with Jacob. Day two and we are getting into a little routine. We start after lunch, we work for 3o min, then he takes a break has a little snack and the back to preschool for 30- 45 min. When Seamus does homework, Jacob and
I review what was done in preschool.

Here is a photo of Jacob's lesson board.

What's in your Childs Lunch Bag?

Seamus is in grade two this year and I found it really difficult last year to stay out of a School Lunch Rut with him. One day he got off the bus and said Please don't ever pack me a ham&Cheese sandwich again....That was the second week into the school year. I had no choice but to change it up a bit. This year I want to get even more creative, and keep him interested in his lunch

Another aspect is that I want to make sure our lunch is litter-less.. Every little bit counts we use reusable containers, a reusable lunch bag, and I am in the process of trying to figure out these reusable snack and sandwich bags and wraps and would like to order a few of them.

If you have any creative lunch Ideas for kids leave a comment telling me what your fave lunch idea is ..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wild Child For Babies Reveiw and Give Away

At our home we are all about the fluffy butt! I love finding fun prints, colours and styles of diapers for my guy. I recently came across these super cute, very affordable, well made handcrafted items for babies. Wild Child for Babies I placed a custom order for 4 size Med pocket diapers and I was amazed that within days the order was ready and then arrived at our mailbox well before I expected it. These diapers are lined with a micro suede and come with a reusable liner. ( Love the concept of the liner which makes for easy removal of the poo). Melissa has a wide variety of prints including the popular prints such as ooga booga, and robots. The insert is made from a bamboo fleece which you can fold in half or in thirds.

All in all we love these diapers, they are very absorbent, super cute and very well made.

Now on to the fleece soaker. They are available in the side snapping or the pull up style. We choose to go with the pull up style and are very happy with them, although I will be ordering a few more and plan to try one of the side snapping soakers. Again we had a custom order and were quite pleased with the products we received. The added protection in the wet zone is a great feature we use these covers over fitted diapers for added nighttime protection for our heavy wetter.

Wild Child for Babies is getting ready for her 1 year on Etsy sale (9/18 - 9/30). The shop will be stocked with great buys .

Guess What?

Melissa from Wild Child for Babies has offered a Give Away to Judson Family Readers. The Give Away will be for one Fleece Soaker with your choice of Side Snapping or Pull Up Style.

How to Enter:

First mandatory visit Wild Child for Babies etsy shop and tell me what print you would choose for your fleece soaker.

Additional Entries

1. Follow my Blog counts for 2 entries, please leave two separate comments.

2. Blog about this give away on your blog, counts for 2 entries leave two separate comments with a link to your blog.
3. Heart Wild Child for Babies on Etsy counts for two entries leave two separate comments

Contest will close on Sept 30 2009..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Photo

This photo was taken on Sunday at Aiden's Baptism.

Jacob and Preschool at Home

Starting Monday I will be starting preschool at home for Mister Jacob. I found a great 26 week preschool plan at Our Preschool Homeschool Blog. I plan on keeping a weekly update on Jacob's progress. If you have any advice for a first time Homeschooling mom I would love to hear it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seamus goes to grade two!!

My boy Seamus is off to grade two today. He kept asking me if I was happy that he was going back to school.. I Said that I was and then he got a little quiet and asked if I would miss him!!. I told him I was happy that he was starting another year of school and happy for him to go today to meet his new teacher and see his Friends, and that I would be missing him at home and waiting to hear all about his day. He is growing up, but he is still my little boy.

Planet Wise Pail Liner Give Away

Bethe at Happily Domestic is Giving Away a Planet Wise Pail Liner. Head on over to
Happily Domestic for your chance to WIN..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Baby Dipper Bowl Give Away

Happily Domestic is giving away a Baby Dipper Bowl and Spoon Set for your little one
Stop on over for your chance to win

Wrap-N-Mat Give Away

Happily Domestic is Giving Away one Wrap-N-Mat wrap, and one Wrap-N-Mat snack pouch.
Stop on over to the blog for your chance to win.

Mobile Mommy Sling Give Away

Rocker Bye Baby has an awesome GIVE AWAY. They are giving away a Mobile Mommy sling. Head over to Rocker Bye Baby for you chance to win.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spreading the Word about Cloth

Cloth Diapering.....she doesn't know what she's getting into.... laughing.....I wonder how long that will will be a wast of $$... you won't stick to it.... What about the poop....(I'm pretty sure all babies poop not just the cloth diapered ones)Making the decision to cloth diaper was met will an abundance of negative comments. I was confident in my decision and am grate full to all the advice and support I found on websites and blogs about cloth diapering. When I have people ask me about cloth diapers and I will take out our diaper stash and show the different kinds of diapers we have, Pocket Diapers, Fitted, Prefolds, One Size, covers.... I will also take the time to show them how easy a diaper change is. People are truly amazed at the ease of using cloth. I have talked to mom of a 5 month old baby and she is considering using cloth, My Aunts, my mom, a few Friends, my sisters, and Somewhere along the line my younger brother who is 22 years old picked up a few conversations...

My brother and his GF were at our home on Saturday for dinner, when my brother started talking about a co-worker( my brother works in a welding shop) who's wife was expecting a baby. Brother proceeds to tell me about the conversation he and his co-worker had about the benefits of cloth diapering, and that he was telling him about our family cloth diapering . Brother wanted to know if I could tell him where to purchase cloth diapers, and if there was any advice he should give to co-worker.... These are rough and tough men in a dirty welding shop working with steel and they are talking about Cloth Diapering... I LOVE IT....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Seamus had a great time with his cousin R...We spent a Sunday Afternoon celebrating my father in-laws 50th birthday... with family. The boys were busy being boys and when a tickle wrestling match broke out on the lawn two mommies grabbed for the cameras to get a shot of the boys...


I am a neglectful blogger, I need to Seriously start trying to blog daily, I am missing out on updating on the quirkiness of my boys. I am going to try and post daily for the month of September.... HOLD ME TO IT... even if it is just a quick photo or a few sentances on what is going on that day..