Friday, October 30, 2009

Smart Mom Teething Bling Review and Give Away and my 100th post~Closed~

I was given the opportunity recently to review "Teething Bling" by Smart Mom. it could not of happened at a better time. Aiden is teething something ferocious and is wanting to put everything in his mouth, I had to recently take off my necklace and my bracelets due to the fact that he felt he was entitled to eat it..

Well Smart Mom is very clever and has stylish jewelry that is practical and safe for your little ones mouth.

From the Website

Teething Bling® was inspired by babies who like to tug on our jewelry.
We use only the highest-quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone in our Teething Bling™ line. The material is non-toxic, latex-free, food–safe, even dishwasher-friendly! It is the same silicone used in many other popular teething products and SGS test reports are available upon request. Although we stress that this is adult jewelry not intended for children to wear, all of our pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature.

We were given a Turquoise Bangle . Speckled Turquoise-colored bangle is one-size-fits-all.

He seriously loves loves loves this bangle. It is great, I simply make sure that I am wearing this bangle anytime I leave the house with Aiden, then it is right there to keep him busy. I think that it is fantastic that it can go in the dishwasher (top rack) to be cleaned..

The only thing about sharing this bangle with Aiden is that I hardly have a chance to have it on. I will definitely be purchasing the pendant which comes in either the donut shape or heart, as well as a variety of solid colour and patterns.

If you would like to purchase your own Smart Mom teething bling you can do so on their website

Smart Mom has generously offered a gift set for one lucky Judson Family Reader. Mandatory Entry head on over to Smart Mom and take a look at their gift sets and leave me a comment stating what colour choice you would choose if you are the lucky winner!
Extra Entries:
1) Follow my blog publicly counts for 1 extra entry
2) Blog about this giveaway and leave a link in the comments to the post this counts for 5 extra entries,
3) Leave me a tip about teething and babies what has worked for you and your child. counts as 2 extra entries
4) Enter my other give away this is good for 2 extra entries
Please note that mandatory entry must be done in order for the extra entries to count, all entries will be verified, thanks for participating.

Contest will close on Friday November 6th at 11:59 pm and winner will be verified and then I will post winner on Saturday November 7th.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Flip Ultra HD Give Away

Megan over at Newly Wed Newly Bred has a super give away.... The Flip Ultra HD Seriously head on over to her blog for your chance to win...


On Monday Morning I had a regular appointment with our family Dr. For Aiden's check up and Jacob Eczema.. She asked if we were getting our vaccines this week for the H1N1. This was the first week for Vaccines in PEI and the following list is who is available for the first round of vaccines.

Week of October 26th

  • Health care Workers
  • Household contacts of children less than six months
  • Children six months of age up to school entry
  • People with chronic conditions (under the age of 65)
  • Household contacts and care providers of people who are immune compromised
  • First Nations and Aboriginal Population
I told our family Doctor that I was on the fence regarding the vaccination, I was hearing both negative and positive things regarding the H1N1 Vaccine. I had a lot of Questions and she was super great and answered every single one.

On Wensday Jacob and I went and had our vaccines done, Seamus will get his through school on Nov 3, and Scott is just getting home today from being in LasVegas and he will go an get his vaccine the first of next week. I feel really comfortable with the decision we made for our family.

My advice to anyone trying to decide what to get the H1N1 vaccine or not is get all the information ask questions if you are unsure. Only you can make the right decision for your family.

For information on H1N1 in Prince Edward Island please visit this website

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seamus Grade One School Picture 2008-09

After uploading Seamus grade two school picture proof for this year I scanned his grade one school picture .

Pumpkins, SuperHeros, Brothers and a Cruise Ship~

Seamus and Jacob, Seamus is now in the stage of the awkward fake smile... Whats a mom to do.. You will often here me say Don't smile!! I miss the big grins he once would give...
Seriously this pumpkin weighed in at 641 pounds..whoa!!

My SUPER HEROS Seamus & Jacob, Faster than the speed of light boys!!!!

Seamus and Jacob, Aiden was snoozing and with all this teething business that we are going through with him... I live by the philosophy Do not wake a sleeping baby..even if it is the perfect opportunity for a photo with all three boys... I was not about to wake the guy..what a fierce couple of days...

Down to the waterfront to see the cruise ship that was in port and was getting ready to leave..
Now the boys are all tucked in to the big bed tonight.. daddy is off to vegas today till Thursday, when he is away I tuck the boys in with me, I like to have them all close when we are here without Scott..
Also today was a crazy day as soon as I got home from dropping Scott off at the Airport, I come home to find Ashton Vomitting he was pretty sick , once I got him cleaned up and settled down, I went to the basement to put his bedclothes in the wash to find our basement Flooded......and to top it all of the truck is acting wonky and I have to bring it to the dealership in the Am to have the mechanic look at it. I was never so grateful for the Shop Vac my husband gave to me for my birthday last year. I was not happy at the time mind you. but very grateful today.
Also lexi has been giving me a lot of attitude lately and especially today I am trying to deal with that situation in a positive way.. but I will leave that for another post

Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Frogs, skinned knees, and the insults of teenage girls are not meant for the wimpy. - Danielle Steele

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blog Design any Ideas?

I have been thinking lately that I would like to give my little blog an upgrade, a sort of blog face lift. Does anyone recommend a good blog designer? Or if you have any suggestions that would be great.. :)

Rockin Green Give Away

Megan over at Newly Wed, Newly Bred is having a give Away. Head on over to her site here for your chance to win some awesome smelling, diaper cleaning Rockin Green cloth diaper detergent. There are great scents to choose from.
If you have to wash the cloth diapers anyway you may as well have a Rockin Time while you are doing it. Happy Cloth Diapering, Happy Washing

Friday, October 23, 2009

School Picture Proof

Seamus' school picture proofs came back..this is the pose that we are going with... My handsome little guy Grade Two School Picture

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nuby Nibbler Review & Give Away

The Nibbler .. I was given this neat item from a friend of mine after Aid en was born, a month earlier and I had been asking her all sorts of questions about her sons Nuby Nibbler. She was able to give her son then 7 months fresh fruits with out the worry of him chocking on small bits. I recently had the opportunity to try out The Nibbler. My son Aiden has been teething something fierce, and I was wanting to give him something cool to chew on...Then I remembered that I had this Nibbler and I went to the freezer and removed one of the frozen pear puree cubes that i had prepared for him and put the cube into the mesh net and secured it to the handle I was able to give him something to sooth him, and a nice tasty treat as well.. It is also so super easy to clean dishwasher safe on the top rack. This Nibbler is going to get lots of use in this house.

From the Web Site
Easing the transition to solid foods!
BPA FREE 100% Bisphenol A Free and keeping your baby safe Easy Grip Design Makes it easier for a child to hold
The Nibbler™ is a great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready. The Nûby™ Nibbler™ allows your child to eat whole foods without the risk of choking. With the "Squeeze and Twist" Locking System keeps child from opening, your child can safely use without opening; meanwhile it is easy as 1-2-3 for parents to place food inside! Suggested whole foods (age appropriate) include: frozen fruits, fresh fruits, ice chips, veggies, and other similar foods.

Want one? Nicola from Nuby has graciously offered up 20 Nubby Nibblers.. so here is how this is going to work.. Head on over to Nuby, and check out their products, leave me a comment on this post telling me what other Items from Nuby that you like, and why. The First 20 comments will receive a free Nuby Nibbler...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Bearably Cute

Just want to share an Etsy Fav Find with you all
I was in search of a bear hat for Aiden and I finally found a great seller on Etsy that makes beautiful hats, bears, frogs, pumpkins, there is always something new. Sally Powell is a grandmother who makes these beautiful creations. I was very happy with the customer service and received this item quickly. Also the hats are priced very well, they are listed t $8.50,So head on over to Sally Powell and order your own.

Aiden sporting his Bear Hat, we are getting tons of compliments when we are out and about!

Long Day

My day started really really early, I had to take my husband to the airport, let me rephrase that I wanted to take my husband to the airport, I didn't want him to take a cab..mainly because we live in a rural area and to take a cab to the airport would cost close to $40 and I am way to frugal.. So I get up and I drive him!!! Scott is off to Quebec City till Thursday, and then he is home till Sunday and then flying to Las Vegas.. Work Work Work... I really miss him when he is gone, he does travel quite a bit..

So with Scott away today I thought that it would be a great day to visit a close Friend of mine and her two boys today.. Her youngest is only 2 months old.. so it was a great opportunity to bring her all the clothing Aiden has outgrown. I always pass things along, mind you there are a few pieces that I can not bear to part with!!

It was great to get out and visit and catch up.. we are always saying how great it is to have a friend who does not mind talking about baby poop..

On the way home I stopped by a community park and Jacob ran around and played on the play yard. He was so determined to climb this rock wall..

Up Up Up Up.....
Higher, Higher, Higher......

Almost there, I can see the horizon.....

Look Mommy!! I told you I could do it!
Yes You Can you determined little boy!

Give Away at Newly Wed Newly Bred

Megan over at Newly Wed Newly Bred is hosting another Great Give-Away.Go here for your chance to win a Rockin' Baby Sling.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cloth Diaper Swap

I had the opportunity to participate in a Diaper Swap, thanks to Megan at Newly Wed Newly Bred. She hosted the event, and it was a great experience of a first time Diaper Swapper.

Amy from Motherhood and Miscellany had my name and today I found some Fluff mail in my mail box..I received not one but two of the Hugga Buns!!!, Red in a size small and aqua in size medium.. I tried the small on my son this evening and he is a big and chunky boy he is 4 months old, and the small fit great with room to spare! I am so glad that I get a chance to use these diapers, that is what is so great about the diaper swap, trying something new! Thanks again Amy and Megan!!
Big brother Seamus and Aiden in his hugga buns!!

I am definitely in on the next swap!