Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reusable Cloth Wipes

I am in need of advice. I will soon be a first time cloth diapering momma, I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with my third son. I want to ask all Cloth Diapering Mommy's if they also use cloth wipes? How does your cloth wipe system work? Do you use a wipe solution? Fill me in..


  1. Hi! :)

    I use cloth wipes that are really just baby washcloths! It's super easy and simple. I don't use any sort of wipe solution, I just get them wet in the bathroom sink water! It works fine so far... when his poop gets, um, thicker and chunkier, I might have to use a cleaning solution, but I want to keep it as simple as easy for as long as possible!

  2. I bought a yard of fleece and cut it up. Then I sewed to pieces together on the machine. Then I make lotion potion from here:

    I keep it in a small spray bottle on the changing table and one in my bag too.


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