Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Morning Stroll!!

What a beautiful morning.... We had a house full of kids this morning so I whisked them off bright and early.. We drove into town and picked up Muffins and Juice stoped at a local nature trail had our breakfast outdoors then went for a walk.

I made each child promise that they would not run off on their own. I am having a baby within the next two weeks and i am unable to run after the kids.. When I was pregnant with Jacob I thought it would be nice to get out with Seamus and take him for a bike ride along the waterfront boardwalk which is very popular in our little city. We started on the boardwalk and with Seamus on his bike he took off at full speed... Laughing and yelling Catch me Mommy Catch me...I was 39 weeks pregnant.. Running down the boardwalk after my three year old at the time. A man witnessing this scene actually stepped in and stoped Seamus and walked him back to me... I was crying, Seamus was crying and this man was had tears in his eyes....but not from crying... from Laughing....

So this morning I had no runaways...

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