Friday, June 19, 2009

Enjoy them whe they are young

I have been told many times to enjoy my kids when they are young. I try hard to enjoy them but sometimes it can be not so joyous when the laundry is on the go!, the sink is full of dishes, you have stepped on a lego for the third time in one hour and are telling the kids to pick up the toys..

Yesterday we were having a quiet day at home with Baby Aiden I am planning on having many quiet days at home for the next few weeks.. anyhoo.. Jacob was outdoors playing in the clay.. He has a sandbox full of beach sand, but no he has to play in this RED PEI Clay which is so hard to get out of clothing.... When brother Seamus got home from school both of them were in this little spot of clay... 2 boys X clay X the garden hose......
That night as I am getting my kids in and out of the bath and ready for bed... hearing the boys talk about all the mud, and seeing their sleepy little eyes, and the thin layer of red clay going down the drain of the tube.. My kids are enjoying being kids, as long as I continue to pause and take a few moments every day to laugh and connect with my boys about their day I am sure that nothing else will matter.... laundry, toys on the floor, dishes.....

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