Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Guy

My boys are extremely lucky to have such a great dad, as am I to have a wonderful husband. Scott was getting ready to go to work and our son Jacob who is 4 went in to say good morning and asked his dad to stay home today. Jake went on to explain that there was lots that they could do together. Scott went to work and within 45 min he was back home. He took a vacation day to hang out with his little man.

Jacob was thrilled. They set up the kiddie pool, went fishing, out for Slushes, and had a great Father and Son Day together.

Thank you Scott for keeping Jacob busy today and out from under my feet. I was able to get the floors scrubbed, laundry put away, some baking done. I thoroughly enjoyed my alone time today. Our new baby will be here within days and alone time will be non existent for the next few months.

I loved you yesterday, love you still, Always have, Always Will!!

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