Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Due Date has come and gone.

My Due Date was June 8, 2009, Monday. and to be honest I was not expecting to make it till the end of May.. Surprise I am still pregnant with not even a hint of the pending Labour and Delivery. I have a doctors appointment in the AM tomorrow and let me tell ya I am going to give him a piece of my mind...I know I know not the Dr's fault, but lets face it I am 40weeks + 2 days pregnant, I can get away with border line irrational and I have to take it out on someone.

My youngest son Jacob my little button pusher has been pushing many buttons these last few days. I do not have the patients with him so thankfully my husband has taken some vacation time and has been home to whisk my little button pusher away when he gets out of line. There are things that I will not tolerate from my kids. Back Talking, Not being Respectful, Lying,Being Rude, and just not being a Kind Person. WELL at the age of 4 button pusher managed to attempt all of the above. Very thankful for husband to step in and handle the situations as they arose. We both have our own ways to handle the kids. Scott has a way of talking it out with the boys he is very understanding and try's to show them how their actions affect other people. Lately my approach has been to act a little CRAZY and that has actually been working for example.

Jacob is playing with Lego's, Seamus the older brother comes into living room and takes over the Lego table, before Jake can even Scream for Mommy.

Mommy: That's right Seamus, You just go right ahead and play with the Lego's your brother was playing with, that just seams right.

Seamus jumps up from the Lego's and walks away from the table not wanting to touch the table..

Mommy: Now Seamus you wanted the Lego's so badly you should go right ahead and play.

Seamus: No I don't want to play the Lego's.

Jacob at this time has not cried or made one peep since his scream for justice.
Jacob to Seamus: if you just ask I would let you play.

Seamus to Jacob: Jakey can I play Lego's/

Oh Happy Days...this pregnancy craziness will hopefully not last much longer...

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