Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Day

My day started really really early, I had to take my husband to the airport, let me rephrase that I wanted to take my husband to the airport, I didn't want him to take a cab..mainly because we live in a rural area and to take a cab to the airport would cost close to $40 and I am way to frugal.. So I get up and I drive him!!! Scott is off to Quebec City till Thursday, and then he is home till Sunday and then flying to Las Vegas.. Work Work Work... I really miss him when he is gone, he does travel quite a bit..

So with Scott away today I thought that it would be a great day to visit a close Friend of mine and her two boys today.. Her youngest is only 2 months old.. so it was a great opportunity to bring her all the clothing Aiden has outgrown. I always pass things along, mind you there are a few pieces that I can not bear to part with!!

It was great to get out and visit and catch up.. we are always saying how great it is to have a friend who does not mind talking about baby poop..

On the way home I stopped by a community park and Jacob ran around and played on the play yard. He was so determined to climb this rock wall..

Up Up Up Up.....
Higher, Higher, Higher......

Almost there, I can see the horizon.....

Look Mommy!! I told you I could do it!
Yes You Can you determined little boy!

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