Friday, October 16, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome sorta kind of

My mom aka Nana offerd to take the boys on Wednesday until today which is Friday.. Seamus had two days off from school due to Professional Development days or PD days as I like to call them. So Wednesday Evening once hubby got home from work I loaded the kiddos into the truck and headed to Nana's house (which is a two hour drive), we got there they had supper got them ready for bed and tucked in and then I came home, a little giddy with excitement that I was with no children not once on the way home did I have to threaten to pull over if boys didn't stop hitting or spitting. All I could think about was sleeping in the next morning... Sleeping in!!! Imagine that..., I got home picked up the toys scatted on the floor did a load of laundry, and then headed to bed, only to wake up periodically throughout the night to check on Baby Aiden, but he was at Nana's. I was wide awake at 7 am, and waiting till 8 am before I called to check on the kids. The house was soooo freakishly quiet last night . I kept saying how awkward it is to have the house so quiet.. I debated about driving up to see them, but when I called the boys they were having so much fun., and I decided to leave them be. I can not wait till this evening to go get my Little Monkeys. Sometimes I am so quick to complain about the noise, the chaos, the fighting between the boys, the legos scatterd on the floor, but I would not change it for anything. I am blessed and I know it to have these three boys in my life. They are getting older and more independant everyday. A freind mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Aiden was spoiled that I held him to much and my response was... He is a baby, there will with out a doubt come a time where he will not need his mommy to hold him... So call it spoiled call it what ever you want I am going to snuggle with my boy..

On an ending note, Hug your kids a little longer today, be thankful for the fingerprints on the windows, and the legos upon the floor.

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