Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home~MADE for the Holidays.

Seriously how cute are these little ornaments? We try to give Homemade gifts through the holiday Season. The kids make ornaments and other nicknack's to give to family, teachers and friends. I came across these little Beauties on Martha Stewart. This will be our Saturday adventure for sure, Buttons and Pipe Cleaners...

I will be heading out this weekend to gather some Island Fir from the Woods to make my Christmas Wreaths, I usually end up making about 23 of them, the list does get longer every year. I will have to do a picture Tutorial of the Christmas Wreath making.

Also we give goodies such as brownie mixes in decorative bags, Snowman Soup for the Kiddies (hot coco). I will be busy in the kitchen for the next few weeks putting together Pizza Fingers, Meat Pies, Christmas cookies, and Spaghetti Sauce and meatballs. As much as I enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking for my family and friends, I love sending them home with food...I like to Feed People!!

Do you like to Give and or Receive homemade gifts? Any ideas for Homemade during the holidays?


  1. Wow! You are ambitious! I'd love to see pictures and recipes of some of the things you do.

  2. Those are so cute. I think hand made and home made gifts are the best.

  3. WOW...totally adorable!

    Hope you have a beautifully blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. I love these! We are hoping to do all handmade this Christmas. I PREFER receiving handmade!



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