Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Me

Aiden was 5 months old on November 12th 2009. I still can't beleive it!! Where does the time go?

So he is eating solids, loves Avocado, Bananas and Sweet Potato's the best. Yes at 5 months he has a preference, Absolutely loves his Jumparoo, hes put many miles on that thing!.

He is attempting to sit up unassisted. He is working hard on getting his two bottom teeth to "pop" They are sooo close, and he is having a hard time with teething. Aiden loves to hear his dad play the guitar and he will kick, giggle and gaze at Scott while he plays! He is starting to interact with is brothers more, and looks for them to Play with Him. He loves being Held and close to Mommy, Our Moby Wrap has been a life saver, and BACK Saver to me.. as he weighs 18lbs.

My baby boy is growing up, Happy 5 Months Aiden...


  1. Oh my...he is a cutie and eating avocados...yum. happy 5 months. It goes by model turned 8 on the 12th. *sigh*

  2. Sounds like he is growing up pretty fast, momma!


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