Thursday, November 19, 2009

Katie Kat!

My sister Katie is home and we could not be happier. She moved from Calgary to PEI. He K-9 friend Kilo came home with her as well. WE have missed them both, she was home in October and shortly after returning she decided that she wanted to be home!!..

Katie is the free spirit in our family, she walks into a room and kids just gravitate towards her, at anytime you will find her sitting in the living room on the floor with the kids guitar in hand her dog by her side and singing away, she has a kind heart.

It has been a busy week, Katie flew into Halifax Airport, which is 3 hour drive from our home, we went to pick her up, then we got her settled into her apartment out at the farm. Katie will be working at the stables again, doing what she loves..working with the horses and getting things into order there!

We went grocery shopping and it is so weird to shop with someone who is shopping for only them selves. When I go shopping I ponder every decision, compare prices. She sees something she gets it no questions asked.. $20 for shampoo and you know what I could buy with $20.

To be Young and Carefree....

It is good to have miss Katie home. We might get to have a night out having a reliable babysitter living so close.....

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