Saturday, January 9, 2010

Babywearing Do's and Don'ts ~Guest Post~

Babywearing mama, Jillian has a lot to say about babywearing and natural parenting! She is a busy mommy to 5 kids under 7, and WAHM(work at home mom) of & Usually she lives in Southern California, but right now,she and her tribe are in Australia, soaking up summer sunshine & working long distance.

"I carried my first 3 babies in slings, but it wasn't until I was pregnant with baby#4 that I really started to research the different types of carriers. I discovered that the babywearing world was MUCH bigger than the 2 Maya Wrap Ring Slings that had been handed down to us and the 1 DIY Ring Sling that my mom had made for me. This discovery was life changing since it meant that I could truly be hands free with my new babe while continuing the attachment parenting style that I know is important in raising healthy kids. By the time Baby #4 arrived,my stash had quadrupled in size, I had watched every YouTube video available, and I was ready to WEAR my baby! Babywearing wasn't very prevalent in my town, and I saw the perfect opportunity to share my passion with moms who relied on the Bjorn to make it through their baby's first few months. I celebrated my 4th baby's 1st birthday by opening my store PAXbaby, bringing my favorite ergonomic yet stylish baby carriers to the attachment moms in the Santa Barbara. Little did I know that my online store would be a hit also, resulting in my partnership with Alissa Derouchie in Columbus, Ohio, and a new store SproutSoup was added to my resume in time for my 5th baby's 1st birthday in 2009! You may be wondering, how does she manage all this? 5 kids and 2 businesses? The answer is easy! Babywearing:)

Babywearing Do's and Don'ts

Do wear your baby everyday!

Don't worry that it will spoil your baby!

Do Shop until you drop to find the perfect carrier!

Don't worry about spending too much! It's worth it!

Do choose a pattern that you LOVE and colors that match your wardrobe!

Don't assume that babywearing will come naturally to you or your baby!

Do practice, before baby is born, with baby, in the mirror, watching online tutorials!

Don't worry if you don't get it right away!

Do practice, practice & practice again!

Don't take it personally if you get weird comments or stares!

Do take it the weird comments or stares as compliments!

Don't forget to take your baby carrier everywhere you go!

Do encourage your husband to wear the baby as well!

Don't worry if he doesn't get it right away! He will!

Do talk to other babywearers you see out & about!

Don't be mean to them if they are using a Bjorn!

Do chat about the virtues of your (more comfortable) baby carrier!

Don't stop wearing your baby until they are too heavy to wear on your back!

Do keep your carrier as a keepsake, or hand it down to a new mom!

Don't be sad when your babywearing career is over!

Do encourage other moms you know to give babywearing a try!

Be a voice for good, and spread the babywearing love!


  1. Where were you when I had babies??
    Blessings, andrea

  2. I have heard of Paxbaby, but never really looked into it.


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