Monday, January 25, 2010

Benefits of Babywearing

Benefits of Babywearing

  • Eases transition from womb to world. 9 months in 9 months out...
  • Babywearing helps babies feel safe and secure Worn babies cried 40-50% less than babies who are not worn
  • Babywearing is convenient for outings. Wearing your baby eliminates the need to lug around a heavy awkward stroller.
  • Babywearing encourages language development. Placing baby on the level of adult conversation and eye contact is a perfect spot for learning
  • Promotes bonding with your baby. Allows you to satisfy your babies need for human contact.
  • Keeps your hands free. Seriously Hands Free you are able to care for older children and do things like grocery shopping.
  • Reinforces parenting skills. When you become more in tune with your baby you become confident in your parenting skills.
  • Makes breast feeding easier. A nursing mother is able to breast feed discreetly with the use of a baby carrier
  • Keeps your baby safe and secure. Keeps your baby close to mom away from the dangers in the world.
  • Helps put your baby to sleep.

Some Benefits that I have experienced first hand from Babywearing

Keeping baby safe and secure.. I am not particularity fond of having strangers touch Aiden.. In a carrier I am able to keep him away from baby loving strangers.. There are soo many germs that it is calming to know that I am able to keep them away from Aiden

Bonding, I am more in tuned to Aiden than any of my other children and I credit this to babywearing. I know his cues and am able to soothe him in a moment.

What benefits have you seen first hand from wearing your baby?

Wear Your Babies


  1. I just wish I had those wonderful wraps "years" ago when my boys were babies. I definitely kept them close, but it would have made life much easier with the wraps they have available now.

  2. In addition to those that you mentioned, I find that babies that are worn several to many hours each day experience less diaper rash! Yes, it's true! When you are holding and carrying your baby, you are immediately aware of when they 'poop in the doop' and can get that mess changed right away. Babies that are down in strollers, swings, etc. are more likely to have a stealth poop that doesn't get changed right away and therefore leading to a higher chance of a sore bum.

    Everywhere I go, people tell me how cool it is that I am carrying my baby in the wrap. I couldn't live without mine!


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