Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Body After Baby Challenge Week 2

I am participating in The Body After Baby Challenge, Hosted by Mama Notes, stop by to find out what its all about!!!
Week 2... and still going strong..
"What is your favorite part of your work out?" My favorite part is the feeling of accomplishment knowing that every work out I do is like money in the bank. It's an investment in myself... I also like playing the Wii Fit with my four year old.. I am looking forward to doing more active activities with my boys....
As far as my diet I am doing great... We had my birthday and my sons birthday this past week and I resisted the Cake.. I read a quote on one of the participating blogs.."Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"... although I had to repeat this many times while turning down the birthday cake... It feels great to know that I am in Control... I am writing down everything that I eat.. I am counting calories... paying attention to portion size and learning how to make myself eat 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as incorporating snacks.. while staying in the Calorie safety zone...
Cereal is a great food for me High Fibre ....low in calories.. here is one of the cereals that I have been eating.. Kashi GO LEAN...
And of course the label..

Water, water every where,in the fridge, in the freezer, in the car, trunk of the car, gym bag, bedroom... Seriously It has been a challenge to drink more water.. I am trying desperately to make this a habit... I do not drink any other beverages.. Water it is.... How much water should a person drink in a day?
I have signed up at the local gym, and have also signed up for the Body For Life which is a 12 week program that starts soon... Looking forward to it and I will keep you updated. I have been doing a work out pretty much everyday. If I don't get to the gym I do Wii Fit..
My weight today is 197lbs.. That is 3 lbs lost this week..
Total weight loss since starting Body after Baby is 5 lbs....
New Year, New Rear!!


  1. Great job!!! I'll have to try that Go Lean. It looks good.

  2. Good for you. Can you baby be 4 years old to join? I so need to get on the motivation train to skinny ville! :)

  3. wow! you are on a roll! I love that quote too!!

  4. Good job on hitting the 100's!!

  5. Great job! I love Kashi cereals, have you tried the Go Lean Crunch? It's my favorite :)


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