Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Carried Away Baby!

When I contact Dorit at Get Carried Away baby, I was intrigued by this Momma!! Dorit is spending time is in Senegal, West Africa working on a line of Wax Print Slings.... Here handcrafted Ring Slings are BEAUTIFUL.. The fabric is top Quality.
I was so excited to receive the sling I Had to put little Aiden in it right away and he loved it.. the fabric gets more comfy as you wash and use it.. The prints are bold and bright and we loved it. We used The Get Carried Away Baby... Ring Sling.. for an outing at the farmers market this past weekend and we got alot of comments.. Positive comments... usually I may get he odd comment here and there and of course I love to tell people all about babywearing.. but this weekend I was delighted to draw so much attention... I love being able to share my passion for babywearing with people.... and of course Aiden was snug and secure without being touched by anyone... and my hands were free to pry my other two wonderful well behaved boys away from the Giant Cookie stand.....

Get Carried Away Baby Ring slings are a top quality Ring Sling.. Attention to detail, fabric, colours... How do you choose ... Dorit has offered Judson Family Readers 20% off her Beautiful Get Carried Away Baby Ring slings... Stop by her Etsy Shop to Browse, Shop, and Save!!!! Just use the code`` carry me away``
Thanks Dorit for giving me the opportunity to review such a beautiful Sling.. Aiden thanks you too!!!

Wear your Babies!!!

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