Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Body After Baby Challenge Week 1

I feel like I have been doing great with this challenge. I am so freaking serious about loosing this weight and being able to run and play with my boys..

What I have accomplished this week..

  • Being more aware of food labels.. one thing that has bothered me since New years Eve.. The do not post nutritional labels on alcohol beverages.. seriously.. I had a few drinks to ring in the new year.. Mikes Hard Lemonade X 3... there are 22o calories in each one...That is 660 calories... I really only found out this morning that was what is in them... I had to look it up.. I new that they obviously had calories I was just shocked to realize how many..
  • Writing down everything that I eat, along with watching portion and serving sizes, and jotting down the calories and watching my calorie intake. I am doing great with this and It is really making me think about what I eat.. I bite it I write it...
  • Wii Fit Everyday for 30 minuets and then I usually end up playing it with the kids for a few minuets just to give them a challenge.. I love it
  • I go into the local Gym Thursday to sign up for a gym membership.. for 3 months here it will cost me $93 very reasonable.. Also the gym is starting a Body for Life Challenge within the next two weeks.. I am registered it is a 12 week program... I want to try to get to the gym....let me rephrase that I Will get to the Gym 3 times a week.. more if it is physically possible with the challenge of having someone watch the boys..
  • Cereal is my new best friend. take a look at the labels.. High fibre, and low calories..
  • I have almost beat my Pop Pepsi addiction.. They say ( not sure who They are...but this is what they say) it takes 30 days to break a habit... almost there I have cut out Pepsi 100% out of my life...although I have to leave a room if someone else is drinking it...I am very proud of myself.

What I need to work on..

  • Water...Water....Water... I am drinking about 1.5 litres of water daily I need to drink more than that.. I have to keep the water bottle with me at all times..
  • Getting my butt into the gym and burning off calories..This is what I am working on this week.. I need a fitness plan.
  • Oh I realized this week that I eat way to fast.. I think I have Clean your Plate on the brain... I have to take my time eating drink water after each bite maybe,, I have to slow down...
  • Also I have to work on planning in advance the three meals a day and having snack as well to keep my metabolism from dropping down.... and keeping it within the calorie intake plan.
  • I also want to pick up a copy of The Biggest looser book that has been mentioned.. for anyone who has this book..Do you find it helpful?

My Current weight is 200lbs even.. yah!! that's what I am talking about...

New Year...New Rear. I hope to stay this positive throughout the challenge... I especially love the fact that by participating in the Body after Baby Challenge that I am being accountable.. Head on over to Mama Notes to check it out and to visit the other Body after Baby Challenge participants..


  1. Great goals! Keep your focus and you will do well.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. New Year...New Rear. LOL Great Job getting started!

  3. water is SO important! I haven't read the book.. but I think it looks good?! If you read it, let me know if you liked it! Have a great week :)


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