Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Adventure in the Woods Today

My sister Katie and her dog Kilo, My son Jacob and I spent the day in the woods today. It was a perfect day. There was Snow on the Ground, we had a thermos of Hot Chocolate (snowman soup), a sleigh and headed out to the wood to gather "Island Fir" from Evergreen trees. I make Christmas Wreaths every year and I have to admit this year I am behind schedule but I will have them all done this week. I will be posting a tutorial of sorts regarding the process. here are a few photos from our day.
Katie, Me and Jacob it was cold... until we got into the shelter of the trees. We trudged through the snow.. My legs are still aching... Jacob was a trooper and walked the almost the whole way.. I figure he will be in bed early tonight with all the fresh air today!!! :)
Jacob in a nook. We had snow on Sunday today being Tuesday everything was covered with snow it was truly beautiful out there today!
Katie and Kilo.... These two are inseparable... Kilo goes everywhere with Katie, she even goes to work with her. She is such a well behaved dog, she is very obedient. Katie spends alot of time training her and she is never with a leash because she has been trained to walk next to Katie on Command. They have an amazing connection.

We came home and the wood stove was going so the house was all cozy..nothing better than walking in from the cold with red cheeks and cold hands and warming up next to a wood stove... with a cup of Hot Chocolate (snowman soup).

My sister Jenna stayed at the house with Aiden, and I am very thankful to have such a great sister who will take time out of her day and come spend time with my little boy so I can get out and get some things done.

How was your day today?


  1. What an awesome outing. I love Kilo...he is precious.

    Blessings, andrea

    PS: You have another award on arise 2 write.

  2. All that snow looks gorgeous! We don't have any yet here in southern Ontario - though there are rumours that we'll get a bunch in the next few days!
    Looks like a really fun day :)


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