Thursday, December 31, 2009

Types of Carriers

Ring Sling ~ A carrier that is a piece of fabric with 2 rings attached at one end. The fabric is threaded through the rings to make a pouch part for the baby and a tail which can be adjusted. More versatile than a pouch as it can be adjusted and worn by different size wearers.

Wrap ~ Is the simplest baby carrier it consists of a long piece of fabric. The most versatile of all baby carriers on the market. A wrap can be used to carry your baby in almost any position imaginable, front, back, either facing you or facing away from you, or on your hip. Wraps are completely adjustable and can be worn by different size wearers based on your wrapping style.

Asian Style Carriers (Mei Tai) ~ The Mei Tai carrier consist of a square piece of fabric with long straps on all four corners. These carriers hold your baby to the front or back of your body, using the four long straps to secure your baby. Mei Tai's work well for infants and toddlers and can be worn by different size wearers.

Pouch ~ A pouch is a tube of fabric with a curved seam sewn in the middle providing a pouch for baby to sit in.. Most pouches are custom fit for the wearer.. although adjustable pouches are now available. A pouch is convenient as it had the least amount of fabric as the ring slings or the wraps making it easy to fold up and have in a diaper bag.

You can also find soft structured carriers on the market as well Ergo has become a very popular brand of these carriers.


  1. I loved wearing my son. I wish I could still do it now. He is over 25 pounds though and I am about 93 so he is too heavy!!! Hoping for another baby someday!

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  2. Happy new year 2010 to you and family


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