Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Body After Baby Challenge 2010


So I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting these past few weeks.. I need to make some changes.. I need to make myself a priority and take care of my body.. I want to be able to play with my kids and have fun with them...not just watching form the sidelines.. I want to get in there and play...It starts with ME. Mamma Notes Body after Baby Challenge comes at a great time for me while making the decision to take care of my self Mind Body and Soul... I want to loose some baby weight from Baby #1, #2, and #3..

I was 20 when I had Seamus and on Delivery day I weighed 138lbs... Seriously...What I would give to see 138 on a Scale again. Jacob Came along and On Delivery Day I weighed 185lbs.. I would love to see 185lbs again.. Along came Aiden and on Delivery Day I weighed 230lbs... Today my Current Weight is...202lbs...

I feel relieved to get that off my chest.. I am now accountable....

My Goals for this 8 Week Program Are

  • To get Smart about food labels.. If I don't buy it..I won't eat it..

  • Drink lots of water.. keep Bottles of water on hand at all times

  • No more Pop*

  • To Exercise Daily. Wii Fit*, Fitness DVD, Put on a dance CD and Dance with the kids for 30 minuets.

  • To Loose 20lbs

*Pop..Pepsi has been my best friend and worst enemy for the past 7 years. I would drink about 1 litre of Pepsi a day. On December 19th I decided to make a decision and stop Drinking all pop products. I had a day where I drank one glass of pop and I am back on the wagon.. I am trying to drink more water and Tropicana Calcium Orange Juice.
* Wii Fit has so kindly let me know that I am overweight... Also My Wii fit age is 43... I am 27 soon to be 28 years

Looking forward to all the challenges that Samantha from Mamma Notes has up her sleeves. Here is to a New Year and a New Rear... Bring It On!!!

I will do before and after photos....


  1. Congratulations on your new journey looking after yourself. Take it from an old lady of adult kids that did not always take care of herself, you are doing the right thing. You pay for it later and your children deserve to have a healthy mom.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. My hubs loves pepsi too. I am a sucker for iced coffee. One a day. I love em. If I could stop that i would probably lose a few pounds. My baby is 4 though. I should be back to pre baby weight. Ugh.

  3. I'm doing it too!!!

    Good luck!


    BTW....I'm a pepsi addict too! LOL

  4. Great goals and completely achievable! The "if I don't buy it I won't eat it" is a big one for us. Not buying impulsively at the store is key in weight loss and being healthy.

  5. You have some really good goals! Keep at it and it will happen.
    Beware of the juice. It can have as many calories in it as pop. I do Weight Watchers and 1 can of pop and 1 cup of OJ are both 3 points. Better for you in some ways though!


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