Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Safe Spoon ~Nuby~ Review

Heat Sensitive Soft tip Safety Spoon

The soft tip Hot Safe™ weaning spoon changes color when baby’s food is too hot (Approximately 110˚F/43˚C or above). The easy-grip handle is comfortable for mom to hold during feeding, whilst the soft tip of the spoon is gentle on tender gums.

From a Moms point of view

When first examining the Hot Safe Spoon from Nuby you can see the difference in shape right away. The Green Hot Safe Spoon has a unique shape that I found made it easier to feed my son Aiden.
Applesauce and the Hot Safe Spoon indicates that it is the ideal temperature for my little eater.
Aiden is now very confident in eating his solids, what I like about the Hot Safe Spoon is that I am not feeding from the side of the spoon. I find that we endured less mess with the Hot Safe Spoon. Normally he would be covered from under his eyes clear down to his chin.
The soft tip is so nice on Aiden's gums.. We have yet to see the first tooth but it is causing him great discomfort and his gums are very sensitive.

He liked the soft tip too....

I would recommend the Hot Safe Spoon from Nuby to other moms. We use all homemade baby food and are always feeding from a bowl. The handle on the spoon is long enough that for the moms out there who use bottled baby food that the spoon would fit clear down to the bottom of the jar which is great when you are on the go and do not have a dish and are feeding directly from the jar.

The Hot Safe Spoon from Nuby is BPA Free, Reasonably Priced, Durable, Great for use at home, and great to have in the diaper bag when on the go.

As a mom I am really impressed with Nuby baby products. Aiden is my third child and with Seamus and Jacob we also used a number of Nuby Products.

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  1. Cute pictures. I had something similar to this when my oldest was a baby. I loved them.


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